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Tandoori Starters & Mains

  Starter Main
Chicken Tikka or Tandoori Chicken 3.60 7.20
Lamb Tikka 4.10 8.20
Tandoori Fish or King Prawn
Succulent fish or king prawn marinated and cooked in spices.
4.80 9.60
Vegetable Pakora NEW 3.60 7.20
Fish Pakora NEW 4.80 9.60
Sheek Kebab
Tender minced lamb, roasted in tandoori on skewers.
3.60 7.20
Shami Kebab or Nargis Kebab
Topped with plain omelette.
4.30 8.60
Stuffed Mushroom
Special prepared mushroom with minced chicken, lamb or vegetables in a sauce covered with breadcrumbs.
3.60 7.20
Stuffed Peppers
Peppers stuffed with chicken or minced lamb & roasted
4.10 8.20
Aloo Chops
Ball shaped potato cutlets filled with minced chicken.
3.60 7.20
Vegetable Remix NEW 3.60 7.20
Tandoori Mixed Kebab
Consists of lamb tikka, chicken tikka & sheek kebab.
4.80 9.60
King Prawn Butterfly
Marinated in a specially prepared sauce and then covered in breadcrumbs.
4.80 9.60
Puree (Chicken Tikka or Prawn)
Cooked with fresh tomatoes, onion and flavoured with green herbs, served on a puffy bread, in a thick sauce.
4.40 8.80
King Prawn Puree 5.40 10.80
Onion Bhaji or Vegetable Samosa 3.20 6.40
Chicken Chat
Juicy pieces of chicken tikka with tomatoes and cucumber, cooked in a tangy and fruity sauce.
4.10 8.20
Chicken Pakora
Chicken tikka marinated and cooked in tandoori oven then dipped in spicy home made sauce and fried.
4.10 8.20
Prawn Cocktail 3.60  
Chicken or Meat Samosa 3.20 6.40
Garlic Fried Mushrooms NEW 3.60 7.20
Spiced Potato with Garlic Mushrooms 3.60 7.20
Dhall or Tomato Soup 3.60  
Salmon Tikka
Thick pieces of Salmon, marinated & fried with onions.
4.80 9.60
Aloo Chat
Pieces of spiced potatoes cooked with tomates and cucumber in a fruity sauce.
3.50 7.00
Vegetable and Sag Puree 3.90 7.80
Chilli Paneer Stir Fry NEW 3.60 7.20
Cheese Gujon NEW
Chicken tikka fillet filled with soft cheese
4.80 9.60
King Prawn Stir Fry   9.60