eastern memories menu

House Specials

Saag Dhall
Cooked with lentils, spinach and then finally toasted with fried garlic.
Chicken Tikka 7.90
Lamb Tikka 8.90

Stuffed Korahi Murghi 9.00
Whole breast of chicken stuffed with spinach, ginger, onion and coriander then cooked in its own juices served with fairly hot sauce laced with mushrooms.

Cooked to own recipe with extra garlic, fresh green chilli, pineapple, lentils and special blend of spices.
Chicken Tikka 7.90
Lamb Tikka 8.90

Sagorana 8.90
A mixture of Chicken, Lamb Tikka, spicy meat balls and boiled egg in a bhuna sauce.

Meeta Hash NEW 9.90
Duck served in a sweet smooth sauce.

Garlic Chilli Tiger Prawn 9.50
Prawns cooked with onions and peppers in a thick sauce, finished with toasted garlic. A touch hot

Dilwala (A touch Hot) 9.00
Whole breast chicken, stuffed with mince lamb & peas, marinated & roasted. Then cooked in spices & herbs, served with boiled rice.

Murghi Shahi Tukra (Pilau rice and batura bread) 9.50
Whole tender breast of chicken roasted with a filling of savoury vegetables, accompanied with tantalising Kashmiri sauce.

Ruposi Mass NEW 9.90
Rupchanda fish, cooked on the bone in a bhuna sauce, served with steamed rice.

Muroli Chops NEW 11.50
Tender lamb chops, cooked in a bhuna sauce. (Medium Hot)

Lobster Special (pre-order only) NEW 17.90

Bengal Jalfrezi (A touch hot) 9.90
Mixture of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken and Lamb Tikka cooked with chunky onions, peppers and green chilli's.

King Prawn Chur Churi 8.90
Whole fried king prawns cooked in a bhuna style sauce with onions and peppers. (A touch hot)

Lamb Shank Special NEW (served with pilau rice) 11.50
Slowly cooked to perfection, served with a spicy sauce.

Naga (Very Hot)
Bangladeshi hot chilli which gives the dish a unique taste
Chicken Tikka 8.50
Lamb Tikka 9.50
King Prawn 9.50

Shashlick Bhoona
Cooked with roasted capsicums, onions and tomatoes.
Chicken Tikka 8.90
Lamb Tikka 9.90

Bangla Macher Jhul (Slightly Hot) 10.90
Pangash white fish, pan fried and cooked with onions, peppers and green chilies. Served with boiled rice

North Indian Garlic Chilli
Steam cooked in a hot chilli garlic sauce, garnished with finely cut danya, chilli's and onions. (Very Hot)
Chicken Tikka 7.90
Lamb Tikka 8.90