eastern memories menu

House Mild Dishes
Most dishes contain peanuts, please ask

Rangeela NEW (Slightly Hot Dish) 8.50
Chicken tikka cooked in spices with a home made sweet creamy sauce.

Most suitable for beginners. A delicate preparation with cream, peanuts and mild spices, producing a rich creamy, very mild texture.
Chicken or Prawn 7.00
Meat 7.50
Chicken Tikka 7.50
King Prawn 8.50
Mixed Vegetables 6.50

Al Bahaar
Cooked with Eastern Memories home made sauce and spices. Highly recommended to all those who love Indian cuisine.
Chicken Tikka 7.50
Lamb Tikka 8.50

Cooked in a sauce made with a delicate blend of aromatic spices and herbs, simmered in cream. (Contains peapeanuts)
Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka or Prawn 7.90
Lamb Tikka 8.90
King Prawn Massala 8.90
Mixed Vegetable 7.50
Aloo Chana Paneer Massala 7.50

Masala Sauce NEW small 3.90 6.90

Cooked in fresh cream, cultures yoghurt & ground peanuts.
Chicken Tikka 7.90
Lamb Tikka 8.90
Mixed Vegetables 7.50

Mango Delight 8.90
A smooth saucy dish with a mixture of chicken tikka and mango pulp.

Chicken Nawabi NEW 9.50
Whole breast of chicken stuffed with sweet coconut, peanut powder and dressed with a creamy sauce.

Butter Chicken 8.50
Tandoori chicken cooked with a touch of butter, ginger, garlic, almond, coconut powder and cream.

King Prawn Makani 9.50
Cooked with fresh cream in our own mild sauce, dressed with cream

Balti Makani
Cooked with fresh cream in our own mild sauce, dressed with cream
Chicken Tikka 8.50
Lamb Tikka 9.50

Ilachi Bila 8.90
Succulent chicken tikka cooked with Indian cheese, blended with methi leaves in a fresh cream giving a mild creamy taste.

Shugati 8.50
Very mild, rich, creamy sauce cooked with chicken tikka, mango and poppy seeds. (Contains peanuts)

Mughal-e-Khass 8.90
Marinated sliced chicken breast cooked with coconut, coriander, onion, garlic, nuts, capsicum and chefs own specialist selection of spices and herbs. A mild dish not to be missed!

Tandoori Murghi Massala 8.90
Tandoori chicken and minced lamb cooked with coconut, peanut powder and cream.

Chasni Chicken 7.50
Chicken Tikka cooked with yoghurt and mango chutney

Mili Juli Massala 9.50
Tandoori Chicken, Chicken tikka, lamb tikka and tandoori king prawn cooked with coconut, peanut powder and fresh cream.