eastern memories menu


Tandoori Starters & Mains
Please note, "mince lamb" contains a small percentage of chicken

  Starter Main
Chicken Tikka or Tan Chicken £2.90 £5.80
Lamb Tikka £3.40 £6 80
Tandoori Fish
Chunky white fish marinated and cooked in tandoor.
£4.20 £8.40
Sheek Kebab
Minced lamb, roasted in tandoori on skewers.
£2.90 £5.80
Shami Kebab
Finely minced lamb, flavoured with spices and fried, then topped with plain omelette.
£3.40 £6.80

Stuffed Mushroom
Special prepared mushroom with minced chicken, lamb or vegetables in a sauce covered with breadcrumbs.

£3.45 £6.90
Stuffed Peppers
Peppers stuffed with chicken or minced lamb & roasted.
£3.45 £6.90
Nargis Kebab
Spicy mince lamb, shaped and stuffed with boiled egg. Roasted in tandoor and served with omelette.
£3.40 £6.80
Aloo Chops
Potato cutlets filled with chicken, coated in egg.
£2.90 £5.80
Tandoori King Prawn
King size prawns, marinated and spiced, roasted in tandoor.
£4.20 £8.40
Tandoori Mixed Kebab
Consists of lamb tikka, chicken tikka & sheek kebab.
£4.20 £8.40
King Prawn Butterfly
Marinated in a specially prepared sauce and then covered in breadcrumbs.
£4.20 £8.40
King Prawn Puree
Cooked with fresh tomatoes, onion and flavoured with green herbs, served on a puffy bread, in a thick sauce.
£4.60 £9.20
Garlic Fried Mushrooms £2.90 £5.80
Onion Bhaji or Veg Somosa £2.60 £5.20
Chicken Chat
Juicy pieces of chicken tikka with tomato and cucumber, cooked in a tangy and fruity sauce.
£3.40 £6.80
Chicken Pakora
Chicken tikka marinated and cooked in tandoori oven then dipped in spicy home made sauce and fried
£3.40 £6.80
Prawn Cocktail £2.90  
Chicken or Meat Samosa £2.60 £5.20
Jinga Garlic Prawn £4.60 £9.20
Puree (Chicken Tikka or Prawn) £3.60 £7.20
Vegetable Remix £2.90 £5.80
Tomato or Dhall Soup £2.60  
Aloo Chat
Pieces of spiced potatoes cooked with tomatoes and cucumber in a fruity sauce.
£2.90 £5.80
Vegetable and Sag Puree
Spicy mixed vegetable and spinach cooked with tomatoes, onions and served in a light puffy bread.
£3.10 £6.20