eastern memories menu

Recommended Dishes
All medium spiced dishes may be served slightly hot at your request. Most of the dishes can be prepared for vegetarians.

Jaipuri (Medium & slightly sweet)
Cooked with fried onions, mushrooms, capsicum in punjabi massala.
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00

Balti Podina
Cooked with spices roasted with onions, peppers, chillies and fresh mint.
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00

Balti Special (Chicken, lamb tikka & prawns) £7.00
Delicate medium spiced dish cooked with onions, fresh tomatoes. (Medium dish)

Lahore Special £7.80
Tandoori king prawn, chicken tikka, lamb tikka, spiced with garlic & ginger. Cooked with onions, green peppers, tomatoes and spiced with Lahori spices.

Muchammon £7.00
Spiced chicken tikka cooked with garlic, ginger and green beans, medium spiced, garnished with fresh tomatoes.

Palak Bahaar £7.00
Chicken Tikka is firstly blended with garlic, ginger & fresh spinach. Then cooked with medium spices.

Bhindi Gosht £8.00
Fresh tender lamb, roasted with onion, capsicum & fenugreek leaves. Medium spiced, flavoured with lady fingers.

Kolapuri Gosht (Slightly Hot) £8.00
Spring lamb cooked in a very piquant sauce with red chilli

Taste of Jaflong £8.00
King prawn cooked with spiced potato, fresh green chillies, then cooked with Jaflong spices, an exquisite dish of Bengal.

Murghi Tikka Matar £7.00
Chicken tikka marinated in tandoori herbs and spices, cooked in minced lamb, chick peas, tomatoes and coriander.

Eastern Memories Special £8.50
Freshly cooked tandoori king prawns cooked in medium herbs & spices, with onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Garlic Bahaar £7.00
Chicken tikka cooked with fresh garlic, green peppers, tomatoes and added herbs to bring out its original aroma

Delicately spiced with herbs garnished with fresh toasted garlic, tomatoes and capsicum.
Chicken or Prawn £6.60
Meat £7.00
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00
King Prawn £8.00
Mixed Vegetable £6.50

Delicately spiced with capsicum, fennel, onions tomatoes and hot green chillies.
Chicken or Prawn £6.60
Meat £7.00
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00
King Prawn £8.00
Mixed Vegetable £6.50

Chicken Tikka Matar £7.00

Lamb Tikka Matar £8.00
Spiced and cooked with minced lamb and peas.

King Prawn Matar £8.00
Delicately spiced and cooked with minced lamb & peas.

Meat Shabji £8.00
Tender meat and mixed vegetables, spiced with onion, tomato, garlic and a touch of coriander.

Cheese and Onion Balti (Chicken Tikka) £8.00
Cooked with a maximum of onions, medium spiced and topped with cheese. An exotic dish of Eastern Memories.

Machli Shashlick Bhoona £8.00
South Indian fish cooked in a medium strength of spices with peppers, onions and tomatoes, cooked in tandoor.

Gosht Khanda Massala £8.00
Succulent lamb tikka, braised golden brown with chopped onions and slices of ginger and grounded whole spices.

Navrang Chicken (served with rice) £8.30
Fine sliced chicken cooked in slightly hot sauce, slightly hot and juicy.

Salmon Bahaar £9.00
Chunky peices of salmon, lightly spiced and cooked with herbs in medium sauce.

Golden Chicken Curry £8.00
Tandoori chicken cooked with sliced cucumber and served with omellete. (medium dish)

Kissan Balti
Cooked with sliced onions in yoghurt and mint sauce.
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00

Shatkora Ghost £8.00
Cooked with soft Lamb and a lime like vegetable from Bangladesh to give a unique tasting dish.

Machli Korahi £8.00
Boneless tandoori fish cooked with exotic herbs and spices, served sizzling in korahi dish.

Sylhet Special £8.00
A mixture of tandoori chicken, minced lamb & saag in a medium dish, lightly garnished with cheese.

Chicken Mumbai £7.00
Chicken cooked with spiced potatoes and egg, with exotic herbs and spices. (Highly recommended)

Murghi Keema Massala £7.80
Chicken tikka cooked with minced lamb and scrambled egg with herbs and spices. (Medium dish)

Shahi Murghi Massala £7.80
Chicken tikka slices cooked with sliced egg and minced lamb in a slightly spicy sauce. (served on plate)

Jhal Massala
Cooked to tantalise the taste buds... just a little hotter. Cooked with mixed spices, green peppers, onions, coriander and fresh green chillies.
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00

Chingri Mirchi (Slightly Hot) £8.00
Ocean fresh king prawns, tandoori roasted delicatety cooked with fresh garlic and green chillies (Hot Dish).

Garlic Chilli
Dish cooked extensively with sliced garlic and green chilli’s
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00

Balti Shahi (Slightly Hot) £7.00
Breast chicken pieces, cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions, green chillies, potatoes, capsicum and chopped boiled eggs.

Chaat Balti £7.50
Tandoori chicken or chicken tikka cooked in a tangy and fruity sauce.(medium dish)