eastern memories menu

House Specials
Please note, "mince lamb"contains a small percentage of chicken

Dilwala (Slightly Hot) £8.30
Whole breast chicken, stuffed with mince lamb & peas, marinated & roasted. Then cooked in spices & herbs served with boiled rice. A touch hot.

Saag Dhall
Chicken or lamb tikka cooked with lentils, spinach and fresh herbs and spices a toasted with fried garlic.
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00

Stuffed Korahi Murghi (Slightly Hot) £8.30
Whole breast of chicken stuffed with spinach, ginger & onions, cooked in its own juices served laced with mushrooms.

Lai Khodu
Cooked with sweet pumpkin, a favourite of the continent.
Chicken £7.00
Lamb £8.00

Bagar-e-Dansak (Chicken or Lamb Tikka)
Cooked with extra garlic, fresh green chilli, pineapple, Lentils & special blend of spices.
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00

Sagorana £7.50
A mixture of Chicken, Lamb Tikka, spicy meat balls and boiled egg in a bhuna sauce.

King Prawn Stir Fry £9.00
Large King Prawns fried with onions, peppers and soya sauce.

Garlic Chilli Tiger Prawn (Slightly Hot) £8.60
Prawns cooked with onions and peppers in a thick sauce, finished with toasted garlic.

Murghi Shahi Tukra £8.80
Whole tender breast of chicken roasted with a filling of savoury vegetables, accompanied with tantalising. Kashmiri sauce, pilau rice and batura bread.

Bengal Jalfrezi (Slightly Hot) £8.60
Mixture of Tandoori Chicken, Chicken and Lamb Tikka cooked with chunky onions, peppers and green chilli’s.

King Prawn Chur Churi (Slightly Hot) £8.50
Whole fried king prawns cooked in a bhuna style sauce with onions and peppers.

Naga (Very Hot)
Bangladeshi hot chilli which gives the dish a unique aroma and taste.
Chicken Tikka £7.20
Lamb Tikka £8.00
King Prawn £8.00

Shashlick Bhoona £8.00
Chicken Tikka, cooked with roasted capsicums, onions and tomatoes cooked in tandoor with medium spiced sauce.

Bangla Macher Jhul (Slightly Hot) £9.10
Pangash white fish, pan fried and cooked with onions, peppers and green chilies. Served with boiled rice.

North Indian Garlic Chilli
Steam cooked in a hot chilli garlic sauce, garnished with finely cut danya, chilli's and onions. (Very Hot)
Chicken Tikka £7.00
Lamb Tikka £8.00
King Prawn £8.00